Partial & Consigned PCB Assembly

Consigned PCB Assembly

Consignment pcb assembly services from Accelerated Assemblies are designed to provide the customer flexibility and freedom in the circuit board prototyping and assembly process.

We work with our clients to shortlist the best components that will meet the design and application requirements. The client then sources and procures the components and provides them to us. We then use these to complete the prototyping assembly process. This approach allows the client to have better understanding of the printed circuit board assembly process and the component used therewith.

While many of our clients choose to take advantage of our complete turnkey assembly service where we take care of all manufacturing, component sourcing and assembly, we also recognize that some of our clients may prefer to provide some or all of their own parts. That’s why also offer consigned and partial consigned PCB assembly services.

Consignment Capabilities and Equipment

Like our turnkey pcb assembly services, we at Accelerated Assemblies provide complete assembly solutions by providing various mounting technology options. Our consignment capabilities include:

  • RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant assemblies
  • SMT or PTH technologies or mixed
  • Leaded or lead free assembly processes
  • Single or double-sided mixed technology quick turn PCB assembly
  • Prototype specialists for quick turns
  • Quick turn prototype PCB manufacturing
  • Single or double sided assemblies upon request
  • State-of-the art assembly equipment and methods
  • On time delivery and single point of customer service.

Consignment PCB Assembly

With a consigned PCB assembly process, you supply us with all the parts and components required for your circuit boards, while we handle the fabrication and assembly for you. A consigned PCB assembly process makes sense if you manufacture proprietary or highly expensive products featuring unique parts that are difficult to replicate. It can also be a smart cost-saving move if you have a large backlog of parts in your inventory. We have the expertise to use your parts to produce a custom PCB assembly that meets your exact specifications.

Partial Consignment PCB Assembly

An alternative to a fully consigned PCB assembly is a partial PCB assembly consignment. A partial consigned PC assembly offers a hybrid solution: you supply some of the parts used in the assembly, while we furnish the rest. As with a complete PCB assembly consignment, we perform the fabrication of your boards along with full assembly. This option can work well if you are only able to manufacture or locate some of the parts on your own, or if you want parts that offer a higher level of quality. We only use parts from reputable sources that meet our stringent quality control standards.

Why Choose Consignment Services from EITPL?

When you select East India Technologies for your consigned or partial consigned PCB assembly projects, you get the benefit of our highly competitive pricing that will minimize your overall production costs. We also offer IC programming, custom testing and free DFM checking. Our entire soldering process is lead-free, making it safe and eco-friendly. What’s more, you will experience the high level of service and support that has helped us attain a remarkable 99% customer satisfaction ranking.

Custom Quotation is Always Free

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