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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

East India Technologies, take pride in stating that we have been first-class providers of EMS manufacturing services to various clients across the country. Being a leading provider of EMS manufacturing services India, we specialize in PCBA Prototyping in India. Prototyping is of utmost importance in the development, design and certification procedure of the PCB Assembly. It helps you validate your design and gauge its feasibility. Here at East India Technologies, we stop not with just delivering top-notch quality PCB prototype but also assist you in case of design failure. We keep enhancing our product ranges and technologies with the advancement and demands of the market.

We have with us a highly skilled team of individuals in the field. They handle the testing and validation of a variety of samples at the end of which the best are chosen to be the Golden Sample. Further, the golden sample is tested for certification of CE, UL, and FCC to ensure compliance with the RoHS. This sample is then set as the parameter of standard for mass production. This process is done for all the products here. Going through this manufacturing process ensures that our clients’ needs are fulfilled in the best way possible. The efficient services and manufacturing that we provide make us one of the finest manufacturers available in the market today.

EMS – What does it mean?

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is a term utilized for organizations that structure, produce, test, distribute, and give return/repair services for electronic segments and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The idea is also referred to as electronics contract manufacturing (ECM).

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Information

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are given by Companies that design, assemble, produce, and test electronic parts and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

EMS companies may give an assortment of electronic manufacturing services, including structure, assembly, and testing. EMS organizations might be contracted at different focuses in the assembling procedure.

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A few companies require just a design document from the client before continuing to build up the product, source the segments from a trusted distributor, and assemble and test the product.On the other hand, Electronic manufacturing service specialist co-ops who represent considerable authority in assembly may require the client to give the design, the parts fundamental for manufacturing, and an assembled sample. EMS companies may give extra on location services, for example, PCB etching, or provide these services through another contractual worker.

Electronic manufacturing services includes involves different levels of automation, depending on the company and project. Organizations that deliver large runs of products typically use heavily automated manufacturing. Suppliers who have practical experience in prototypes or small production runs ordinarily assemble PCBs physically to spare the time and cost engaged with setting up automated assembly equipment.

Best in class Electronic Manufacturing

East India Technologies offer top class EMS manufacturing services to our clients. Our services are tailor-made for the requirements of our clients and delivered on time. Our experts at work pay attention to even the minuscule details to craft the electronic components we offer in the quality we guarantee. Our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. There are various options available for one to choose from.

Electronic Manufacturer India: The Need Of Every Sector

Our expertise in the products and service ranges provided by us makes us a unique and much sought after EMS contract manufacturer India. Be it any sector, EMS manufacturing is required as it forms a part of the essentials for the settlement and base of any company’s establishment. EMS is something that every industry requires. Be it manufacturer or suppliers. EMS manufacturing helps society in a major way.

Top Notch Electronic Manufacturing Services:

When it comes to electronic manufacturing services, it is necessary that the quality of the products and installation is not compromised in any respect. We, at East India Technologies make sure of just that. The quality of our electronic components would be a direct display of the cutting- edge technology and innovation spun into our designing and manufacturing processes. We assure our clients the guarantee of thoroughly tested and certified models in return for the trust they place on us. Providing our clients with the best of services and living up to their expectations has always been an integral part of the East India Technologies mission.

Plan and Testing Services

Many specialist organizations plan and test electronic Products in addition to fabricating them.


Design services incorporate a few related activities that happen subsequent to deciding a client’s determinations or product needs and before assembling or assembly takes place. The EMS companies may initially give a product idea enumerating the principle goals of the task and primer specifications. The organization may do inquire about by interviewing product users, consulting specialists, and investigating existing related product. After these two stages happen, the product is then created, visualized, and tried, and a prototype is sent to the client for approval.


EMS companies may provide at least or more types of product testing in the wake of finishing a prototype or product run.

  • Agency consistence testing guarantees that the product meets the safety and quality rules of a specific organization’s standards.
  • Analytical laboratory testing assists in quality control, disappointment examination, research and development.
  • Automated optical inspection utilizes a PC to analyse a PCB to find deserts, including broken traces, excess solder, etching problems, or improper hole registration.
  • Environmental testing recreates a product’s planned condition. Natural tests may differ the earth’s temperature, mugginess, and vibration to test the product’s obstruction.
  • Useful testing recreates the assembly’s normal capacity to test its in general operational attributes.
  • In-circuit testing includes examining singular segments inside the circuit to test their task.
  • X-ray testing utilizes non-dangerous imaging technique to give an exhaustive examination of a assembly.

PCB Manufacturing and Production Capabilities

PCB manufacturing companies may have practical experience in at least one territories of assembling method and creation measure.


Electronics manufacturing incorporates a few distinct kinds of electronic products.

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are flat boards that hold electronic segments. EMS suppliers populate PCBs with segments to make printed circuit assemblies, and may have the ability to work with a few unique kinds of boards. PCBs are thought to be unbending and made as a hard, inflexible board. Flexible PCBs can bend and accommodate flexible circuits used in instrumentation, automotive, and medical applications. Rigid-flexible PCBs are rigid boards with flexible interconnects.

EMS may also have practical experience in one of two kinds of PCB manufacturing: through hole (THT) and surface mount (SMT).

  • Through hole Through hole innovation includes mounting segments by embedding their leads through hole drilled in the board. The leads are then bound into place on the contrary side of the board. THT components are commonly hand-soldered or wave soldered to a PCB in a production line.
  • Surface mount technology segments are fastened to the highest point of the board, and are typically littler and more affordable than THT parts. From an assembling point of view, current pick-and-place equipment can mount SMT components rapidly and accurately.


As its name infers, microelectronics manages the manufacture of little semiconductor components and incorporates flip chips and chip on board devices. Flip chips are integrated circuits (ICs) that connect to external circuitry using solder bumps deposited on the chip. They are frequently utilized in cell phones, pagers, and other small electronics. Chip-on-board (COB) devices include bonding bare dies to PCBs.


Optoelectronic devices include sourcing, recognizing, or controlling light. EMS companies may assemble optical switches, fiber optic transmitters and beneficiaries, and laser modules.


Radio frequency (RF) or remote devices are as often as possible utilized in telecommunications and information exchange applications. EMS suppliers may assemble radio frequency identification devices (RFID) and other telecommunication and wireless technologies.


EMS companies may work in a several distinctive production levels and speeds, depending upon their accessible equipment and abilities.


A few suppliers assemble prototypes, which are early examples made to test a product’s concept, following the structure stage. Prototyping guarantees that the product will serve its expected need after it is manufactured as part of a larger production run. Prototypes are often worked with less expensive materials than those utilized in the production procedure. Previously, electronics manufacturers delivered prototypes utilizing breadboards and THT components, yet the broad accessibility of custom prototype PCBs currently allows manufacturers to produce prototypes that intently reflect the proposed product. Prototyping may happen on different occasions at different focuses in the structure and planning stages of a project.

EMS companies regularly determine their production volume abilities. In spite of the fact that production volume measurements are relative, general rules can be indicated:

  • Low volume suppliers deliver small quantities, commonly 1 to 100 products. Low volume is regularly like or synonymous with prototyping.
  • Medium volume suppliers are able to produce around 100 to 10,000 items every year.
  • High volume suppliers can deliver in excess of 10,000 units every year.

Specialty Production

Electronics manufacturers may also indicate specialty production techniques, including quick turn production and cabling services. Quick turn manufacturers can assemble PCBs inside a short time, for the most part 48 hours, in the wake of accepting all components. Cabling producers attach cables to electronic assemblies.