High Volume PCB Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly

In the event that your business is associated with applications that require high volume PCB assembly, the company to contact is East India Technologies. Since we’re an entire turnkey solution for printed circuit boards, we are in a perfect world suited for mass high volume PCB assembly requests. Our state-of-the-art equipment, large facility and an extensive variety of very qualified specialists give us the ability of high volume PCB assembly of up to 1 Cr.

We are also the perfect source in case you’re looking for large-order PCB assembly on a financial plan. In view of our high level of proficiency and over 10 years of experience with printed circuit board manufacture and assembly, we offer huge printed circuit board orders at shockingly aggressive costs contrasted with other PCB manufacturers or High Volume PCB assembly companies.

Our extensive request high volume PCB assembly process begins with a tried and drilled arrangement of work process rules for each period of the procedure, from pre-order PCB design conference with expert veteran specialists to manufacture, component procurement, assembly, testing, inspection, pressing and transporting all under the protection of highly-skilled production staff. You can be certain that regardless of what number of boards you order, you will appreciate quick service, low costs, and amazingly high quality.

Quality PCB Testing in Every Phase

To maximize quality affirmation for your product, we perform broad testing on the entirety of our PCB:

  • A Design for Manufacturability (DFM) test to ensure your structure is completely appropriate for assembling
  • AOI and AXI tests for each board before it goes out for packaging and sending
  • Custom capacity tests as required our accomplished, skilled testing specialists endeavor to ensure each board we ship to you, from the first board to the 10,000th, has been thoroughly tried for quality from each conceivable edge.

The Best Customer Support for Your Order from Start to Finish

for your true serenity, we walk you through each progression of our procedure and have our PCB specialists accessible to you at all times. On the off chance that you have questions or concerns during any period of the project, we will stop and answer them as fast and as altogether as conceivable before proceeding onward. When you get your boards, you’ll realize you’re getting exactly what you requested.

Get in touch with Us to Discuss Your High Volume PCB Assembly Project Today

we’re prepared to answer any inquiries you may have about your high volume PCB assembly order at the present time. Our professional and experienced staff are standing by to clear up any concerns or issues you may have and give all the data you have to start. Simply get in touch with us online today to discover more.

On the off chance that you’ve heard all you have to and need to start on your large order high volume PCB assembly immediately, we can hardly wait to start working with you. Simply submit a PCB Assembly quote request for by clicking below button, we’ll be back in contact with you immediately to begin pushing ahead.