Low Volume PCB Assembly

low volume PCB Assembly

On the off chance that you require Low volume PCB Assembly with custom requirements in terms of component packages, component specifications, assembly technologies or levels of density, EITPL is the organization to contact. As a dependable assembler and manufacturer of PCBs, we can give the low-volume PCB assembly services you require at a cost that will accommodate your financial plan. Our office is very much prepared for low-volume PCB PCB assembly, as we have numerous sequential assembly lines and can easily modify product requirements and assembly-line specifications in a short amount of time.

Other PCB assemblers may require high-volume requests to offer their best work, however not East India Technologies. We pay the same close attention to low volume PCB assembly runs as we do to larger projects. Consumer loyalty is our most priority, and that means each client, big or small, gets first class service and consideration. Our in-house quality confirmation division will try really hard to guarantee your PCBs meet your grand quality and execution benchmarks. Low volume doesn’t intend to compromise product complexity or variety.

We Offer Complete Turnkey & Job Work Low Volume PCB Assembly Services

In contrast to a large number of our competitors, we can handle every aspect of your project, including PCB component procurement, manufacture and assembly, and we can do it at a much lower cost than you will discover anywhere in the United States or Europe without quality compromised. As a solitary source PCB producing substance, we can spare you the time and bother of finding and manage different providers. Far better, there’s no minimum request quantity required

Add to that the trouble of binding the individual you have to converse with when there’s an issue anywhere in the process. It’s such a great amount of less demanding to have everything under one roof. That is the thing that you get when you band together with EITPL. We work with your structure specifications, manufacture your prototypes, design your PCBs and complete your low-cost small batch PCB assembly. No circling attempting to pull everything together. You disclose to us what you need, and we make it for you quick, so you can focus on the real business of assembling, advertising and offering your product.

Low Volume High Mix PCB Assembly to Meet Your Advanced Requirement

Present day electronics will in general call for applications with high thickness and multifaceted nature with the end goal to get more capacities accomplished. East India Technologies gives multiple assembly types including PTH and SMT, single/double-sided assembly and they can be freely consolidated on one circuit board for cutting edge capacities and applications. Besides, multiple component packages and sizes additionally add to high mix assembly. In East India Technologies, we’re ready to manage components with sizes beginning from 01005 and 0201 while component packages include BGA, QFN, WLCSP and so forth.

Quality PCB Testing

We need you to make sure you can believe the quality of each assembled printed circuit board that leaves our office and goes to yours. We realize that you will do your own quality testing, yet we also realize that except if we’re giving you high-quality boards to test begin with, we’re squandering your time, and that is not what we do. To guarantee our printed circuit boards meet your elite and quality desires, we play out a free DFM and DFA check to recognize any issues that could contrarily affect the low-volume PCB manufacture process. We at that point lead work testing dependent on your particular necessities. On the off chance that fundamental, we can construct a PCB model for capacity testing purposes.

Attentive Customer Support during Every Phase of Your Project

Get in touch with us whenever to examine your small quantity, low-cost printed circuit board assembly venture, your PCB prototypes or about any worries or questions you may have. Our world-class customer support team is accessible to answer your inquiries and address your concerns. We’re glad for our high-level customer service responsiveness. We’ve accomplished an amazing 99-percent consumer loyalty rating and a great on-time record that many large firms are unable to replicate.

We’re Always Ready to Discuss Your Low Volume PCB Assembly Project

With regards to low-cost printed circuit board assembly, East India Technologies is the main sensible decision. We pay a similar consideration and thoughtfulness regarding our small quantity PCB assembly work as we do to the majority of our PCB fabrication and other PCB-related services.

On the off chance that you have a low-volume PCB assembly work, we can deal with it right now with quality and esteem you won’t get from other PCB suppliers. Click the button below to submit RFQ for your exceptionally printed circuit board assembly request. We’ll give PCB Assembly cost inside one to two business days.