PCB Assembly For Lighting


PCB Assembly For Lighting: -As printed circuit board technology has continued to evolve, it has paved the way for the creation of a host of exciting product innovations. A prime example is the development of the PCB for LED lighting. The LED is soldered to the circuit board and features a chip that produces the light when electrically connected. A thermal heat sink and a ceramic base are used to bond the chip.

An LED PCB board tends to generate a high volume of heat, making it difficult to cool via traditional means. Consequently, metal core PCBs are frequently chosen for LED application due to their enhanced ability to dissipate heat. Aluminum, in particular, is often used to manufacture circuit boards for LED lights. The aluminum PCB typically includes a thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material that can transfer and dissipate the heat with much greater efficiency than a traditional rigid PCB.

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As a full feature PCB solutions provider with more than a decade of experience, we’re capable to provide LED PCB assembly, components procurement, and assembly all under one roof. We can work with you to develop metal core/aluminum circuit boards customized to your specific applications. We feature competitively priced PCBs made with standard FR-4 material that includes a thermal aluminum clad layer that will efficiently dissipate heat, keep all LED PCB components cool and significantly enhance the performance of your products.

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