PCB Assembly For Medical


We offer world-class circuit board assembly and electro-mechanical box build services to the medical industry. Currently, a large percentage of Saline Lectronics’ business is performed for the healthcare market – assembling everything from patient heart monitors to cancer diagnostic devices. We thoroughly understand the critical nature of the medical industry, and provide thorough documentation with tractability to all of our medical customers, ensuring the medical PCB assembly will exceed manufacturing requirements and customer satisfaction demands.

Since many of our medical electronics assembly customers now compete in a global economy, selling end products all over the world, we also hold Japan’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification. This is very similarly aligned to the ISO 9001 but allows us to ship directly to medical end-users in Japan. This is our first medical PCB assembly certification outside of the US, and clearly illustrates our understanding of this ever-changing and ever-expanding medical global market.

In addition to our medical electronic assembly certifications, we are also equipped to build to IPC Class 3 where required. Our electronics manufacturing facility also supports RoHS assembly requirements, and we can also assist transitioning a Tin Lead assembly into a RoHS compliant one.

Our software management system, Cogiscan’s Track, Trace and Control (TTC) System, that is used in our production floor is incredibly beneficial to our medical PCB assembly customers. This system allows us to provide detailed traceability, all the way to the reference designator, on enrolled products. Additionally, the TTC Program further illustrates our commitment to transparency and our emphasis on full traceability.

We would genuinely love the opportunity to assist in building your medical product – please contact us to learn more about our healthcare services.

Applications and Types of PCB Assembly for Medical Industry

Printed circuit boards have become critically important in the medical field. As technology has advanced, more and more medical diagnostic, research and treatment methods have become computerized, which means PCB Assembly for medical equipment are becoming a standard requirement throughout the industry.

The range of printed circuit boards applications in the medical field is vast and ever-growing. You can find medical printed circuit boards in everything from pacemakers, defibrillators and heart monitors in the case of cardiovascular medical specification PCBs, to medical imaging systems, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasonic equipment and more. You will also find PCBs for medical devices like body temperature monitors, blood glucose monitors, and electrical muscle stimulation equipment. PCB Assembly for medical equipment is everywhere.

Because the internal computer circuits for many medical devices must be quite small to fit into the device, businesses in the medical device industry will often require high-density interconnect PCBs or HDI PCBs. These printed circuit boards pack a lot of connections into a minute area, allowing for a smaller board you can fit into a smaller device.

Medical industry professionals will also often select flex or rigid-flex PCBs for their important medical devices. This is because medical devices often do not conform to typical standards of PCB shape and size, and medical device professionals will want to make sure their printed circuit boards can fit into as small of an area as possible while still remaining resistant to damage.

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If a medical machine is down, a patient may not be able to get a proper diagnosis. If that machine is a patient’s life-saving implant, a PCB failure could create a critical health risk. This is why devices in the medical field require extremely reliable and long-lasting components and medical device professionals should use a reliable PCB fabrication and assembly source.

East India Technology manufactures and assembles PCB products with all materials, as well as virtually any other type of specialized PCB you are likely to require in your medical practice – whether you are supplying a hospital, doctor’s office, fire and rescue service, dental practice, special care facility or medical device supplier. For a free quote on medical PCBs for your business, reach us here.