PCB Prototype Assembly

pcb prototype Assembly

East India Technology offers custom PCB Prototype assembly to go along with our high-quality fabrication and component procurement services. This includes fast, affordable prototype assembly where we take your unique PCB designs, prepare them for the assembly process and perform comprehensive testing to ensure they meet your precise performance requirements. We can provide a complete turnkey PCB prototype assembly featuring a one-stop shop approach that saves you time, money and hassles.

We handle prototype assembly quantities from 1 to 10000 boards. This service lets you get complex designs built for testing without worrying about electronic assembly workmanship. Our proto assembly area has a unique layout design that allows flexible mixing of automated and manual part loading stations. We can also easily handle the fine pitch components and BGAs for high density FR-4 boards.

Avoid the hassle of sourcing PCB components and focus on your design instead! Our procurement team will deal with as many component distributors as is needed to fulfill the procurement task in the best possible way! We will optimize the choice of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) versus quantity in smaller BOMs to lower total cost. We have the ability to cross reference parts including hard to find and obsolete items. We always purchase the part numbers and manufacturers specified in your BOM, there is no danger of part quality issues caused by substitutions. We never change your design. Part substitutions require prior approval.

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Benefits of PCB Prototype Assembly

The reason for ordering a PCB prototype, it’s because is that you want to quickly assess how well your PCB design is going to work. You cannot do that without going through the assembly process. Fortunately, PCBCart can do your PCB prototype assembly in-house, so you can find out quickly just how well your assembled PCB prototype works.

There’s no need to fabricate it here and then search for a specialist in prototype PCB assembly. That would take too long and defeat the purpose of making a PCB prototype in the first place. Work with East India Technologies, and let us do it all for you – fast.

PCB Prototype Assembly Featuring Our Equivalently High Quality Standards

While prototype assembly typically consists of a limited production run, we bring the same high level of quality and care to the process as with our full-production assembly projects. We utilize the same resources and personnel to ensure the best possible results. Our capable team is fully qualified to handle every aspect of the process, including the procurement of parts and components, circuit boards fabrication, assembly manufacturing and quality control. We will also follow your original prototype design to the letter. We won’t make any modifications or alterations without your approval.

Our services include Design for manufacture ability (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) to ensure your prototype will meet your exact design specifications. We can even assemble prototypes for high-density FR-4 circuit boards.

You Can Count on Our Fast Project Turnaround Times

East India Technology can get your PCB assembly prototype to you in a matter of weeks or days, not months, which allows you can to go into production faster, which means you can and start seeing profits faster. We’re able to promise such completely due to our flexible assembly options, high availability of components and stable and long-standing cooperation with authorized component distributors or manufacturers. If your design isn’t going to work or you need to make adjustments when it comes to the final assembly, you can find out faster than your competitors. You can then have a chance to perfect your design for assembly and have a finished product before your competition gets off the line.

The business world moves extremely fast, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. Often the company that is the first to market gets the lion’s share of the profits. At eitpl, we want that company to be you, and with our fast PCB prototype fabrication and PCB prototype assembly services, we know we can make that happen.

East India Technologies offers a number of ways to minimize your PCB prototype assembly costs. We enlist the services of multiple reputable parts suppliers, enabling us to purchase the most affordable parts for your project – while sacrificing nothing in terms of quality. We also offer a number of cost-effective packaging options, as well as highly advanced processes for selecting the one that will save you the most money.

We are the best possible option when it comes to all of your PCB solutions including printed circuit board fabrication, component sourcing and prototype assembly needs. Because we do everything in-house with our team of highly-trained engineers and design experts, you know you’ll get a smooth and efficient flow of communication that will result in you getting just the prototypes you want. You or your management team won’t get tied up in logistics trying to get a design company to communicate with a manufacturer. We will give the prototype PCB Assembly price within 48 hours.