Full Turnkey PCB Assembly


The term “turnkey” generally refers to any product or service that is sold to the purchaser in a frame that is prepared for quick utilize. At the point when applied to PCB assembly, turnkey means that the provider handles all parts of PCB solutions, including components procuring and PCB assembling, picking and placing components on specific locations on your custom PCBs. Generally, full turnkey PCB get together gives the buyer more noteworthy opportunity to focus on PCB design, supplier takes care of the rest, which is the reason it is a main type of one-stop electronic assembly.

As one of few quality-focused Turnkey PCB manufacturers that incorporate electronic assembly services, East India Technology has over 30 years of professional experience in providing quick, dependable turnkey PCB assembly services for more than 10,000 companies from more than 80 nations around the globe. Our single-source approach spares you time and money, while also guaranteeing more solid, reliable outcomes than when managing a few providers.

Furthermore, our expert team can skilfully manage with your whole project from concept to delivery, and make the whole electronic assembly process as smooth and consistent as could reasonably be expected.

Points of interest of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Shorter Lead Time

As a crucial type of electronic assembling, Turnkey PCB assembly fundamentally contains three stages: PCB fabrication, components procurement and PCB assembly. Customarily, you should quote and affirm configuration documents with sales and engineers working for your PCB manufacturer, at that point components merchants finally PCB partners. Such series of quotations and confirmations simply require your time went through in reaching with various partners. On the off chance that those partners are from various nations, you need to beat a few issues, for example, time zone, communication habits and so on. Full turnkey PCB assembly, however, is a highly-efficient form of electronic assembly. When full-turnkey PCB assembly is resolved, an overall assembly quotation and key issues precluding smooth assembling will be raised so multiple times of correspondence have been sliced to one time with electronic assembly productivity significantly progressed.

Lower Cost

Another preferred standpoint of full turnkey PCB assembly service is generally overall cost reduction. Pack-up service is normally less expensive than separate ones as far as electronic assembly is concerned. In any event, freight charge will be spared in light of the fact that you don’t have to get fabricated PCB boards and electronic components conveyed to get assembly workshop. Besides, components procurement may get simple and customer-friendly in light of the fact that accomplished electronic assemblers are normally ready to furnish solid components with moderately low cost based on their long-term cooperation with parts manufacturers or distributors.

Straightforward Monitoring

With regards to electronic assembly process, it’s noteworthy yet hard to monitor your products’ assembling stage as it is completely related with your products’ execution and time to advertise. Full-turnkey PCB assembly allows engineers at each phase to know about what they’ve achieved and to all the more likely comprehend their status for better execution of conclusive products.

Who Can Benefit Most from Our Turnkey PCB Assembly Services?

Since full turnkey PCB get assembly enables PCB designers to improve utilization of their opportunity to concentrate more on PCB design, it works impeccably on organizations striving for frequent upgrading and refreshing of products. They have to dive into more profound market by giving various inventive electronic products and they emphatically require an unfaltering and smooth electronic assembly process.

Turnkey printed circuit board get assembly is additionally a perfect electronic assembly solution for independent companies or new businesses that need to put up smaller quantities of assembled PCBs to market without having to invest in or carry an extensive inventory. It additionally offers a more cost-effective, proficient methods for amassing and testing PCB prototypes for new products. Moreover, quick-turn PCB assembly service makes well for any organization that requirements to get their circuit boards with the most limited conceivable lead time.

Moment Online Quoting and Ordering

Another essential advantage of being an East India Technologies turnkey PCB assembly customer is the simplicity of quoting on the web. With your project specifications and wanted quantities filled at our PCB Tool, we can check a harsh printed circuit board’s assembly work cost. To give better electronic assembly services, we’ll store your information in the cloud, which empowers auspicious, helpful reordering of your circuit boards. Try for yourself by clicking the button below and submitting a quest request.